MARCH 2006

 I want to extend my gratitude to Titan Electric for the monumental task of the gear and transformer replacement conducted over our Spring Break. Titan committed a large staff that worked some very long hours to get this project completed so we could be operational by Thursday. Most folks do not comprehend just how much work is involved, in a project of this magnitude. Your crew was very courteous and conscientious and took every measure to ensure that when the system came back on line that all would work as designed with no repercussions to the campus. I never thought I would ever hear my heart pump in my own ears, but as we switched over and powered up, it sounded like a drum line in my chest. This makes 2 campuses that your company has performed gear replacement at and as South stated to you, I state to you: Thanks for your company’s due diligence. Please feel free to use this email as a letter of reference as I would recommend Titan Electric to anyone.

Marc Pica
Senior Supervisor of Campus Plant Services
FCCJ Kent Campus

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